Sunday, October 13, 2013


Preparation Time:  10 mins
Cooking Time:       1 hr

Milk:                            2 lts
Lemon Juice:                3 tbsps
Sugar:                          500 gms
Water:                         1 lt
Rose Water:                2 tbsps


  1. Take the milk, in a thick bottomed pan, and allow it come to boil.
  2. When it starts boiling, reduce the flame to low, add the lemon juice, and keep stirring, until the milk curdles completely.
  3. Drain it into muslin cloth and wash the cottage cheese well, under running water.
  4. Drain every bit of water from the cottage cheese.
  5. In a big vessel knead the cottage cheese, so that it becomes very soft, and feels light.
  6. Make small round pellets of cottage cheese, and ensure that they have a very smooth surface. (The pellets should not be bigger than the size of pea-nuts)
  7. Take 250ml of water in a wide mouthed pan and add the sugar, to make sugar syrup.
  8. Add the rose water to the sugar syrup.
  9. The syrup should be of a thread consistency. Smear the syrup on your thumb and press with forefinger, when you pull slowly you should see a thread.
  10. Add the pellets in the sugar syrup, and let it cook on low flame, until it swells to twice or more than its size.