About Me

Hi friends, welcome to my blog. I am an HR by profession and passionate about cooking, travelling and a movie buff.

Though my blog is all about food, you would be surprised to know, that cooking was not even my hobby until a couple of years ago. I am the youngest sibling, and have three sisters, so I never felt the need to enter the kitchen. I could just manage myself in the kitchen. However things changed drastically when I got married almost 3 years ago. Initially it was an absolute struggle in the kitchen. My husband is an absolute foodie, loves cooking and has a good collection of recipes, which he has collected over time. He has been very helpful and most of the time lends a helping hand in the kitchen. He used to cook more often after our marriage and the sparkle in his eyes after preparing something, slowly encouraged me to try different things, and today cooking is one of my passion. I love cooking and the expression on my husband’s face makes it all worth it J.

So keep watching the space for new recipes!!

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