Hi Friends,

I am sharing one of my recent experiences after a hectic day at work. I am sure such incidents happen to all of us, but we tend to overlook it, as it’s too common and we are always pre-occupied, with something or the other.

This incident happened sometime in the month of August. I was leaving from work, and when I came out of office it was drizzling. Just outside the gate I saw a small girl, begging, probably 6-7 yrs of age with another kid in her arms. She was almost drenched and was trying to protect the small kid, though herself she looked very fragile.

I thought of giving her some money and when I offered her, she wanted me to buy her something to eat. Though I bought her a meal from a nearby shop, it left me in a deep thought and with a strong feeling to do something.

On my blog I have placed few advertisements; the proceeds from these would go towards charity for underprivileged children and special kids. You do not need to pay anything extra, you would pay the same as you would have paid, when you bought it directly from these sites. However when you buy by clicking on the advertisements on the blog a certain amount comes to me as commission, which would go towards charity. A step that you would take towards bringing a smile !

I would be thankful if you can help me spread this message.

Thank You

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